Photo Do you need to be afraid to visit India ?

Do you need to be afraid to visit India ?

Do you need to be afraid to visit India ?

If you read magazines about India, you have noticed that the country is rich in cultural diversity and fascinating landmarks. Indian food is also so tasty that you should not miss going to its nice restaurants in town.

Apart from that, if you are looking for high-tech devices or computers for you and your family or friends, India is the best place to shop for that. But is it safe to go around different parts of India? Should you always take many precautions before going out of your hotel during your stay in India?

The most notorious places in India

  • Gurgaon is the most dangerous city in India, with a crime rate of 68.83 % 
  • Noida ranks after Gurgaon, where crime rate is 5 percent lower. 
  • Delhi and Kanpur are also among India's dangerous cities, with respectively 60.35% and 53.39% of crime rates. 
  • Surprisingly, it is not safe to venture too much in Kolkata, or in Mumbai, or in Pune. Crime rates in those big cities range from 52% to 44.70%.

The bottom line is that just like in any big cities in the world, India has some safe places and more dangerous places. Most of the time, big cities are less safe especially for women.

Bigger Indian cities like Mumbai, Pradesh, Bangalore, Assam, Rajashtan, Kolkata and Dehli are notorious to women due to high rape cases and molestation. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women avoid those areas.

Precautions to be taken when traveling in India

 Avoid “Eve teasing”. Women should avoid wearing clothes which reveal too much their parts of the body. In fact, to stay safe, it is recommended to wear clothes which cover your shoulders and legs, and which do not reveal your chest. Sexual harassment is the most common cause of gang-rape in India. Local and foreign females are at risk due to the widespread of pornography and illegal homemade brews. 

Read and learn about the Indian culture before going there. You should bear in mind that India is a country of mixed cultural traditions. Opportunists are just looking for opportunities to attack those with strange behavior. Women should avoid going out alone unaccompanied by a male at night. It is not customary for educated local Indian women to venture alone in the dark. Therefore, avoid doing that.

Plan your trip to India

India is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is endowed with a rich cultural heritage, and fascinating landmarks. From the Taj Mahal to the numerous beautiful Temples, you can see that even the architecture is amazing. However, precautions need to be taken when visiting India.

However, like anywhere in the world, there are some dangerous places in India, where you should never venture alone especially at night. To know more about where to go to India, it is advisable to organize your trip to this fascinating country with the help of a reliable travel agency.

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