Photo How to prepare for your trip in India ?

How to prepare for your trip in India ?

How to prepare for your trip in India ?

India is the seventh-largest and the second most populous country of the world. The country is located in South Asia. India is one of the biggest destinations for tourism and holidays in the globe.

It is included in the travel destinations of eDreams which is an online travel agency. Before leaving it is important to know what to expect when traveling to India. This article will be giving you some tips on how to prepare for your trip to India.

Prepare your mind

Because of rumors that have been spread almost all over the world, it seems to be unreasonable to travel to India. People tend to think that foreigners spend most of their time defending and keep from indiscreet eyes in India. Basically, this is not real. Many visitors have a good time staying in this subcontinent.

Indian people are known with their warm welcome. They treat foreigners as honorable guests in their country. However, if you want to prevent unwanted attention when you travel to India, cover up and try every way to prove that you are stern and serious.

Preparation of clothes

Clothing is something that Indian people really respect in case of avoiding nakedness. However, they are not really complicated in general. You may see Indians going around with a simple t-shirt and slippers.

To avoid unexpected attention, make sure you keep your skin covered. Don't wear shorts, hot pants, tank tops or something that may show your body. It is also doable to wear indian clothes to get rid of prying eyes. You can put on salwar kameez, for example. It is a loose-fitting dress with pants. In reason of climate, light clothes are more convenient in India. These include airy, light shirts and pants. Don't bring heavy jackets or sweaters.

Make sure you always have cash with your credit card

Most of smaller shops and stores don't accept international credit cards. The same with transportation and restaurants. They are mainly used in higher kind of purchase like in luxury hotels or supermarkets. So you need to bring cash whenever you go to buy something. Rupees, Euro, and Dollars all work in the country. The first is the Indian's currency.

Get your needed documents

As in other countries, it is one of the most important things to prepare your documents in order to legally enter to India. Get your passport and visa. For the visa, you can get apply it in the Embassy of India in your local nation.

Traveling and booking

Train is the main means of transport in India. Train tickets can be booked in advance to make your visit easier. This is because you can do the booking online. Online travel agencies can also help you book the flight and your accommodation during your visit in India.

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