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Festivals of Ladakh

Festivals of Ladakh are combination of various cultures of Central Asian, Tibetan, Northern India. The monastic festivals are heart of all the festivals. Monks dressed in colorful robes and masks perform dance dramas and mimes that often symbolize the victory of the good over evil and other aspects of the religion. These festivals serve as occasions to celebrate and participate in merry-making activities such as dance, music, shopping and feasting. Various sports such as polo and archery are conducted. Folk dances and songs, its age-old social and cultural ceremonies, its art and handicrafts, all come alive in a colorful kaleidoscope.

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Festivals of Ladakh



Spituk Gustor

Jan. 28-29

Jan. 18-19

Leh and Liker Dosmochey

Feb. 27-28

Feb. 17-18

Yargon Tungshak

March 04-05

Feb. 23-24

Stok Guru Tsechu

March 10-11

Feb. 27-28

Matho Nagrang

March 15-16

March 04-05

Saka Dawa

June 13

June 02

Lamayuru Kabgyat

June 24-25

June 14-15

Hemis Tseschu

July 07-08

June 26-27

Shachukul Gustor

June 14-15

July 04-05

H H Dalai Lama Birthday

July 06

July 06

Stonday Gustor Zanskar

June 15-16

July 04-05

Karsha Gustor Zanskar

July 23-24

July 14-15

Phyang Festival

July 24-25

July 14-15

Korzok Gustor

July 30-31

July 19-20

Takthok Festival

Aug. 06-07

July 25-26

Sani Naro-Nasjal Zanskar

Aug. 09-10

July 30-31

Ladakh Festival

Sept. 01-15

Sept. 01-15

Deskit Gustor Nubra

Oct. 21-22

Oct. 10-11

Thiksay Gustor

Nov. 09-10

Oct. 30-31

Chemday Wangchok/ Padum Gustor

Nov. 20-21

Nov. 09-10

Galdan Namchot

Dec. 16

Dec. 05

Ladakhi Losar

Dec. 22

Dec. 12