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Darcha Kanji Trek

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Darcha to Kanji Trek (29 Days / 19 Days Trek)

Darcha is a village in Himachal Pradesh on Manali-Leh Highway.We follow Jankar Togpo river leading towards Rarik Village where our trek starts for Kanji.During this trek you have cross as many as 10 passes. The highest pass in this trek is Nigutse-la at the altitude of 5100m. During this trek you will come across many village and beautiful monasteries like Lingshed Karsha, Stongde, Sani, Phugtal, Barden, Muney.


Day 01: Arrive Delhi

Arrive in Delhi, Transfer to nearby hotel for few hours.


Day 2: Delhi -Chandigarh by Train (4hrs)

Leave early morning, for Shatabadi express train to Chandigarh.
Enjoy the journey in the Train till we reach Chandigarh. Arrive to

Chandigarh. Transfer to hotel. In afternoon, visit Chandigarh city. Stay overnight at hotel in Chandigarh.


Days 03: Drive Chandigarh - Manali (305 kms/ 10hrs)

Early morning drive to Manali. Arrive to Manali. Evening, hike around the Market. Overnight at Hotel.


Days 04: In Manali

Day is free or explore around Manali. Overnight stay at hotel in Manali.


Day 05: Drive Manali - Darcha –Rarik (135kms, 8/10hrs)

Today you drive on Leh-Manali Highway till Darcha. Leave the hotel after breakfast for Darcha. En-route, halt for few minutes at Rothang Pass (3980m). From the pass, you enjoy the awesome and spectacular view of the landscape. Then continue drive to Darcha. At Darcha, leave highway behind and continue up towards Rarik by following the left side valley. Arrive Rarik, a charming village. Evening explore the village. Overnight at Camp. (3750 m.)

Day 06: Trek Rarik – Pal-lhamo (4hrs)

Morning after breakfast, trek to Pal-lhamo. Follow the path or motor road towards up along this beautiful valley. Cross the River over a bridge and ahead you arrive at the campsite. Good and beautiful campsite on the meadow near a clear stream. Overnight at camp. (3800m)


Day 07: Trek Pal-Lhamo – Zanskar Sumdo (4/5hrs)

Today, you start trek. Leave camp after breakfast for Zanskar Sumdo. Follow the track until the last hamlet, then a good footpath. Pass a spectacular gorge. Continue along the right bank till you reach Zanskar Sumdo. Camp near the river bank. (3960 m)


Day 08: Trek Zanskar Sumdo – Chumik Nakpo (5/6hrs)

Leave camp after breakfast, cross the bridge then gently climb up and you enter in the right hand valley. There are good paths on both side of the stream, take right side path and continue slowly and steadily ascending up till you reach Ranjak (meadow), spring. (3910 m).

Day 09: Trek Chumik Nakpo – Shingo-la (5090m) – Lakang (6/7 hrs)

From the camp, climb moderate slopes to the top of the Pass. You cross easy several streams so it is advised to carry extra pair of shoe in your bag. The ground flattens out and the path zigzags through a moraine as far as the Shingo –la (5090 m.) pass. From the top, enjoy the spectacular and enchanting view of landscape and surrounding snow capped peaks. Cross the pass, easy descent but pass across ice and some fallen rocks. Camp near the stream. (4510 m)


Day 10: Trek Lakang - Kargyak (6 hrs)

Leave camp after breakfast for Kargyak. Gentle descend till you reach near a small river. Cross the river towards right to reach at first meadow. Then ,easy trek along with downstream river. Cross several easy streams, nice view of Gonbo-rangjon. After one hour, you pass beneath the face of the Gumburanjon, wonderful and stunning view of landscape then an easy descend down towards Kargyak (4100mt)(first Zanskar village on this trek). Good Campsite with clean water before the village near the bridge. Evening ,visit the village (4180m)


Day 11: Trek Kargyak - Purney (7/8 hrs)

Leave Camp after breakfast; continue on the right bank of the river. You cross across charming villages and in front of a narrow gorge, Beautiful landscape. After crossing, continue till you reach Tantse a small village. A short distance beyond Tantse, there is a bridge across to the left bank. Continue trek by following clear path across moraine terrain. Slight up leads to Kuru village, livestock breeders. Afterwards, an excellent path leads steadily downwards. Arrival in Testa beautiful village. The path continues downward near the river. Stay on the left bank, then climb gentle slope up to Yal. Next comes a steep descent towards a bridge which you cross to get to Purne. (3840 m)
Good and charming campsite. Overnight at camp. (3850m)


Day 12: Trek Purney – Phuktal – Purney (4/5 hrs)

Go up along the left bank of the Tsarap river and enter into splendid gorges. After 1 ½ hours, cross a bridge. Then you arrive at a small tributary of the Tsarap, beautifully clear water cascading down. A ledge leads to a small plateau sprinkled with chortens (Stupas) and religious banners. From this point, you see the Phuktal monastery, one of the most spectacular sights in Zanskar. Phuktal belongs to the tradition of the Gelupas (Yellow Hats). The spring that gurgles deep in the cave is still out of bounds to Women. History says that a Hungarian historian Cosma de Koros stayed there and spent full winter season in 1825/26AD. After the visit, resume trek back to Purney for Overnight stay.


Day 13: Trek Purney – Kalbok – Tsetang (5/6 hrs)

Leave camp after breakfast; continue the trek on the left bank of river till we reach Kaydang in 2 hours, a small village in a poplar grove. Carry on until Hamuni. Arrive at a large bridge which leads to Ichar, then a gradual climb before coming to a major tributary (bridge) Cross the river towards right,then continue along clear route passing the village behind. Pass Yal village and continue as far as at a point where you find the route descend down. Gradual descent down towards a wooden bridge, cross the bidge and then ultimately you reach at Raru. Camp near small water reserver. (3770m)


Day 14: Trek Tsetang - Raru (6/7 hrs)

Leave camp after breakfast, contine the trek on the left bank of river till we reach Kaydang in 2 hours, a small village in a popular grove. Carry on untills Hamuni. Pass below the village of Surle . The trail os still not good, several stretch difficult for the horses. Arrive at a large bridge which leads to Ichar, then a gradual climb before coming to a major tributary (bridge) Gradual descent down towards Raru. Camp near small water reserver. (3770m)


Day 15: Drive Raru – Padum- Karcha – Stongde – Zangla

Today you have full day tour around Padum by drive. Morning after breakfast, drive to Padum (the capital of Zanskar). Halt at padum and explore the city. After then drive to Karcha (Pair of White i.e., Outer white and Inner white) by crossing Zanskar River. Visit Karsha monastery. This monastery is the largest of all the monastery in Zanskar and this monastery (Gonpa) was first founded by Great Lama Phagspa Shesrap (the translator of Zanskar). From the monastery, you have amazing and spectacular view of the capital of zanskar (Padum) and its surrounding mountains. Later drive to Stongde village. Visit beautiful picturesque monastery built on hill top by Lama Marpa 950 years ago. After then drive further few kilometers ahead to Zangla. Good and charming campsite on meadow near the Zanskar River. Overnight at camp. (3430m)


Day 16: Trek Zangla – Hanmur (4/5hrs)

Today you have easy and gentle trek. Sometimes along the left bank of downstream River and across the moraine Plateau. Morning after breakfast, continue trek by crossing the River over a bridge before Pidmo village. Pass the village then follow the path downward that leads to Hanamur village. Finally you arrive at the Hanamur village. (3410m)


Day 17: Trek Hanamur - Parfi-la (3940m) –Zingchen (7 hrs)

Leave camp after breakfast and continue along the clear easy path on the left of River. The path leads away from the edge of the Zanskar, up to the plateau, then to the top of the pass. Continue slowSteep climbing as far as the Parifi-la (3940 m) Rather steep descent until reaching the Ona-Chu River. Good bridge, then up a few meters sandy slope. While enjoying the view of spectacular and magnificent landscape, continue along the slope as far as Zingchen. Campsite near the River. (3410m)


Day 18: Trek Zingchen – Hanumala (4710m) – Base of Hinuman-la (7 hrs)

As usual after breakfast, continue the trek with long gradual ascent towards the Hanuma-la. You pass through gorges first, then easier path and then after 2 hours, pass a sheepfold. A futher 2 ½ hours leads you to the summit of the Hanuma-la pass (4710m). From the top of the pass, view the stunning and enchangtin panoramic view of landscape and its surrounding peaks. Cross the pass then steep descent till you reach at Camp. Overnight at camp. (4000m)


Day 19: Trek Base of Hanamur-la – Chapskyan-la (4200m) - Lingshed (3 hrs)

Leave Camp after breakfast for Lingshed. Follow clear path and start gently climb over the ridge. From this small pass, enchanting view of landscape.Easy and smooth descent towards Lingshed. Reach at camp by Lunch time. Enjoy the lunch with view of amazing landscape. Afternoon visit Lingshed monastery, interact with the villager and explore the village. Overnight at camp(4080m)


Day 20: Trek Lingshed – Morgum-la (4370m) – Kyupa-la(4450m) – Base of Sengge-la (7 hrs)

Right from the camp, gently ascend up towards the Murgum-la. Continue climbing, pass an escarpment then go along the slope. From this point, you enjoy awesome view of landscape and enchanting view of the valley. Cross the pass, descend gently towards the villages of Gongma and Skyumpatta. Cross the small stream then gently climb up as far as the Kyupa-la. Ascend easily gradually along the mountain side up to the foot of the Sengge-la pass. Overnight camp. (4430m)


Day 21: Trek Base of Sengge-la – Singe-la (4960m) - Photoksar (8 hrs)

Rather steep climb to the Sengge-la taking from 1 ½ to 2 hours (5000.) then a short slope leads into a broad valley. Easy going across the rolling plateau then gentle climb towards the Bumiktse-la (4200 m).Easy descent towards Photoksar (Splendid village) at the base of huge mountain walls. After visit small monastery and explore the village. Overnight camp on meadow near the river.(4210m)


Day 22: Trek Photoksar – Sirsir-la (4960m) – Urtsi Dok (6/7 hrs)

From the village, gentle climb up to a big chorten (Stupa), then long ascent of the Sirsir-la, From the top of pass, enjoy the awesome view of landscape and surrounding magnificent mountains. Cross the pass and continue gently straight descend down towards front ridge till you reach near a small river. Cross the River and continue gently ascending up towards rolling ridge. Continue straight with enjoying the beauty of nature till edge of the ridge then descend down till you reach at Camp. Overnight at camp. (4210m)


Day 23: Trek Urtsi Dok – Nigutse-la (5100m) – Shillakong (5/6 hrs)

Morning after breakfast, continue trek with easy walk across the open terrain towards the Nigutse-la pass along the well defined route. After then gently ascend up to the top of the pass. You enjoy enthralling, spectacular view of surrounding magnificent mountains from the top of Nigutse. Cross the pass then easy descent down in the valley with zigzag route and enchanting view of the landscape as far as Shillakong. Overnight camp. (4300m)


Day 24: Trek Shillakong – Yogma-la (4720m) – Kanji (5/6 hrs)

As usual after breakfast, follow the clear route and continue easy trek with up to foot of Yamala and then gradual ascent towards the top of pass. From the pass, enjoy imposing view of surrounding enchanting spectacular view of mountain peaks. Cross the pass then gently descend down easily with enjoying the amazing valley as far as Kanji village. Afternoon, explore the village and interact with the villagers. Overnight camp enjoying campfire. (3850m)


Day 25: Drive Kanji – Lamayuru – Alchi –Leh (170 kms)

Morning; after breakfast, drive Kanji village to Leh via visiting Lamayuru and Alchi monastery. Drive (14km) along with bank of downstream Kanji river up to Henaskut village where you joint with Srinagar-Leh highway. Follow the highway towards the Fotu-la pass (4090m). Cross the pass then you arrive at Lamayuru village. Visit Lamayuru monastery of Digungpa order of Tibetan Buddhism. It says that monastery was founded by Lama Nyimagung before 11th century and great Mahasiddha Noropa visited this place in 11th century. The cave where he resided and meditated is still to be seen inside the monastery. After the visit, drive to Leh via visiting Alchi. En-route, you pass across several beautiful charming village, beautiful landscape along with the Indus River and confluence of Indus and Zanskar River. Cross Indus before saspol village, this road leads to Alchi village. Visit Alchi monastery, built by Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (The translator) 1000 years ago. After then continue your journey to Leh 68km. Arrive Leh by afternoon. Evening enjoy hiking around Leh Market. Overnight in hotel. (3500m)


Days 26: Sightseeing tour to Stok Palce - Matho Monastery - Shanti Stupa - Samkar Gompa

After breakfast drive to Stok via Choklamsar by crossing a bridge on the river Indus. In Stok, visit the royal palace of present king and queen which was constructed by the king Tsespal Tondup Namgyal in 1825. Inside the palace, you'll see great collection of ancient royal ornaments, Thankas and old statues. After visiting Stok Palace, drive to Matho village, 10 km from Stok.Visit Matho monastery built by Lama Tumgpa Dorje in 13th century. The famous two oracles (known as Rongtsan), who were invited from Tibet by the founder of this monastery still make appearance during the festival of monastery. After visit Matho, drive back to Leh. In the evening visit Shanti Stupa and Sankar Monastery in Leh. Overnight stay at hotel in Leh.(3500 m)


Day 27: Full day Excursion to Shey Palace - Thiksey Monastery - Hemis Gompa

Today you do full day visit of Shey Palace, Thiksey Monastery (Gompa) and Hemis monastery. Morning after breakfast, drive to Hemis (43km). Visit Hemis monastery (the biggest monastery in Lada).This monastery belongs to Drukpa order of Buddhism, built by great Lama Stagtsan Raspa along with King singe Namayal in 16th century and there reside about more than 300 monks. After the visit, drive back to Thiksey. Visit the picturesque monastery built on hill top, overlooking the Indus valley, by Lama Sherab Zangpo 460 years ago. From the roof of the monastery, breathtaking and enthralling view of Indus valley and its surrounding snow covered peaks like pillar of blue sky. Later drive to Shey (ancient capital of first king of Ladakh), visit Shey Palace and its temple wherein you visit big copper gilt statue of Lord Buddha with his two disciple of 1633AD. Then drive back to Leh. Overnight stay at hotel in Leh.


Day 28: Flight Leh - Delhi

After early breakfast, transfer to Leh airport to board flight for Delhi. Arrive Delhi transfer to hotel. Post. Late evening transfer to International airport to board flight for your home country.


Day 29: Departure


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